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Bird seasons


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Bird Seasons Collection - This collection is sold as a group of 4 individual 8x10 acrylic stretched canvases each depicting one of the four seasons. 1st is Spring Robins - A pair of Robins perch in a tree by their nest and eggs. The grayish background represents the misty spring mornings. 2nd is Summer Goldfinches - A female goldfinch perches on a sunflower stem as the male goldfinch flies in to join her. 3rd is Autumn Jays - A pair of Blue Jays perch on an Oak tree branch. The female Jay holds an acorn in her beak. The rich colors of Autumn are reflected in the late season leaves. 4th is Winter Cardinals - A pair of Cardinals per on a snowy Holly branch.

Dimensions: 8.0 x 10.0 inches

Thickness: 3.0 inches

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